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Season 18 X100 Grand opening x100 server grand opening in 20.October!

Discord community

We have active discord community of MU-KAIMAS

Votereward system

Earn free coins on votereward system every day!

Super Castle Siege event!

Biggest December Event is incoming! This Sunday will be the biggest Castle Siege with 50K Wcoins reward for new Owners or 30K Wcoins for saved Castle! Guild masters will decide how to split these Castle Siege rewards.
Prepare fight and register your guild. Registered guilds list here: >Click here<
Donate now and receive 50% more until Castle Siege will start.
News about grand reset GAP: When 10 top players will reach max grand reset count (which is 10 grand resets). Will be unlocked next Chapter and will be unlocked 5 more grand resets where xp rate will be 50. Players below 10 grand reset will get 2 times higher XP boost until 10th grand reset. For example if your character will have 11th grand reset his experience will be 50. If you character will have 1 grand reset you will receive instead 100xp - 200xp! This will make game more competetive and all players will have chance to catch up top players when they will have least two times smaller xp rate.

Have a good game troops!

Posted 06 / 12 / 2023 By adminukas

Currently this is only one server.