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Season 18 X100 Grand opening x100 server grand opening in 20.October!

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Mu-kaimas Grand opening x100

Mu-kaimas is Premium Mu Online project which offers you Season 18 custom servers. 
This is private server and there are custom features bosses, items, quests in it. Mu-kaimas files are premium and fully balanced from PVE to PVP and we work everyday on updates, fixes and new features. This is one of interesting X100 server rates which makes long and interesting game. Our main mission is to give you quality, competetive and interesting game. There is no webshop and x shop are limited as well. More information about configs, boss spawn times in guide list. X100 server grand opening in OCTOBER 20 18:00 server time!

Grand opening time: 2023-10-20 6:00 PM (GMT+3)

Lithuania time: 2023-10-20 6:00 PM (GMT+3)

United kingdom time: 2023-10-20 4:00 PM (GMT+1)

Poland time: 2023-10-20 5:00 PM (GMT+2)

Vietnam time: 2023-10-20 10:00 PM (GMT+7)

United States time: 2023-10-20 11:00 AM (GMT-4)

Version: Premium Season 18 Newest version
Experience Regular / Master: 100x / 250x
Max Level Regular / Master: 400 / 800
Low Performance Mode: Button F9
Non PvP Maps: Aida 1,2 and Karutan 1,2
Minimap (TAB) to see Spot Locations
Monsters and Boss Power Original & Small Adjustments
PvP / PvM all classes Original & Small Adjustments
Elf Soldier Max Level: 350

1. Reset & Experience Table:

- Reset 1-50 (GR: 0-2):
Reset Reward: 20 Wcoins
Grand Reset Reward: 500 Wcoins, 50.000 Ruud
Experience: 100x

- Reset 1-50  (GR: 3-4):
Reset Reward: 20 Wcoins
Grand Reset Reward: 1000 Wcoins, 100.000 Ruud
Experience: 95x

- Reset 1-50  (GR: 5-6):
Reset Reward: 20 Wcoins
Grand Reset Reward: 1500 Wcoins, 150.000 Ruud
Experience: 90x

- Reset 1-50  (GR: 7-8):
Reset Reward: 20 Wcoins
Grand Reset Reward: 2000 Wcoins, 200.000 Ruud
Experience: 85x

- Reset 1-50  (GR: 9-10):
Reset Reward: 20 Wcoins
Grand Reset Reward: 2500 Wcoins, 250.000 Ruud
Experience: 80x

2. Total Stat Points:

- 500 Points per Reset
- 2500 Points per Grand Reset

Total: 35.000 Points (Build Stats)

3. Total Rewards:

- Resets: 2000 Wcoins
- Grand Reset: 15000 Wcoins + 1'500'000 Ruud

Total: 17000 Wcoins + 1'500'000 Ruud


*Some information and Configs can be changed until server start.

Posted 26 / 09 / 2023
Currently this is only one server.